Taliban, Meet JDAM. JDAM, Meet Taliban (VIDEO)

“After a convoy is engaged by Taliban fighters, U.S. Soldiers engage the position with machine gun and small arms fire. The fight is swiftly ended by a JDAM being dropped on the ambush position.”

“JDAM dropped on Taliban position in Afghanistan creates a massive explosion.”

“Taliban Insurgents targeted By nine 1000-pound JDAM bombs.”

“JDAM Airstrike Compilation.”

“Seventy JDAM strikes from both Afghanistan and Iraq.”

“The Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) can convert existing unguided free-fall bombs into accurate guided “smart” weapons.”

Most of these videos were put together by the Funker530 community. If you’d like to get involved with them head over to their Facebook page and their Twitter feed. Other contributors are the Combat Footage HubStoolie33VanHohenhov and the Military Channel.

Also, the community website Funker530.com is live now.

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