Egypt in chaos: protestors shove armored police car off 50ft bridge, five officers dead (VIDEO)

These photos capture the horrific moment when a mob of angry protestors in Cairo, Egypt, shoved an armored police van off a 50ft bridge.

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Angry protestors shoved the armored vehicle through a fence before it plummeted from the 50ft 6th October bridge in Cairo, Egypt.

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The vehicle flipped as it fell, those responsible cheer and wave as it descends.


Protestors can be seen in the distance, already approaching the falling vehicle.

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Troops rush in after the vehicle comes to rest. It is unclear how many officers were on board or how many were injured, though some reports suggest at least five died in the act of violence.


Fluids seep from the vehicle as members of the security forces investigate the scene.

Violence in Egypt continues to rise after security forces stormed a camp to clear protestors supporting deposed President Mohamed Morsi – leaving at least 149 dead and hundreds more injured.


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