Newtown gun sales skyrocket after Sandy Hook shooting (VIDEO)

In the months following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the Newtown, Connecticut, community has had a massive increase in gun sales.

CNN reported the town is set to have a 100 percent increase in issuance of pistol permits from last year.

Newtown grandmother, Nancy Ellis, spoke about preparing to buy her first gun.

“Our rights are being slowly infringed upon. In other words, there may come a time when I may never be able to get a firearm,” Ellis said.

While some have reacted by wanting to arm themselves, others still find the notion ridiculous.

David Ackert, founder of the Newtown Action Alliance, believes gun ownership is getting “out of hand.”

Referring to the mother of Adam Lanza — the gunman responsible for the mass shooting — Ackert rhetorically asked, “Nancy Lanza had quite an arsenal in her home. You only have two hands, how many guns can you fire at once?”

“It makes me sad to think that people will-they feel that they’re protecting themselves, but they’re just adding to the problem,” said Gilles Rousseau, father of a daughter that was killed in the attack.

Many Newtown residents have become polarized due to the Sandy Hook school shooting. The consequence of this has been more vehement opposition towards guns and gun owners, and a vast increase in firearms sales and permits.


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