How to Turn a Drill into a Monster Shotgun! (VIDEO)

“This video shows the SlingaLaunch, a device that shoots out 25mm (1-inch) steel balls using rotational speed. The machine is powered by a drill and can even fire three steel balls at once.

“The concept is scaleable — a much larger launcher could throw very heavy objects (shot put?) and even go full auto (by adding an ammo feeder [hopper]).” – Joerg Sprave.

The SlingaLaunch may stretch the concept of “shotgun” a bit far but it’s not like this isn’t cool as Hell. And it’s just a teaser! I can’t wait to see the gas-powered version of this ball bearing-chucker. I’m sure it will contain the requisite amount of maniacal laughter.

The full-size chucker is still a tiny fraction of the size of the Slingatron, which is an interesting concept, albeit somewhat out of place on Kickstarter.

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