Colion Noir on Gun Laws in California

And there’s a chance things are about to get a lot worse in the Eureka State.

“There are currently 11 anti-gun bills working their way through the California state legislature and if they all manage to pass California could literally turn into gun owners hell.

“The following updates are from the NRA-ILA on the pending bills. If you’re a California resident now is absolutely the time to act. It’s a sad state of affairs that California residents are forced to be on the defensive to protect what limited gun rights they have remaining.”

Several of these bills are in their final reading, so if you live in California, the pressure’s on you to tell legislators what you want done soon.

Colion has his own website if you’re interested. Take a look if you haven’t already. Otherwise, there’s always FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

Oh, and you can buy that “No Right to Bear Arms” tee right here.

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