More Like James Bong: Car Rigged with Hidden Airsoft Gun (VIDEO)

When I was in high school I thought it would be sooo coool to mount a BB gun or a paintball gun under the hood of my S.S. Fifth Avenue* and this guy actually did it!

My high school self was a God damn idiot, though. This guy is looking to get a new set of teeth after someone pushes his face through his steering wheel. He also rigged his car with a squirt gun.

Besides, if you’re going to weaponize your vehicle, have the common sense of a real anarchist and don’t physically attach the evidence to your property. Just get a car with a sunroof and some nickels, yeesh.

[Everyday No Days Off]

*Don’t be a hater. That baby had a pimp red crushed velvet interior and a three-hooker** trunk. 

**Four metric hookers.

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