She's hot, but worth it? Girlfriend muzzles boyfriend with AK-47

A day of target practice in the woods almost ends in a fatal accident when a hip-shooting AK-47-wielding girlfriend lazes her man, who in turn very appropriately loses his mind.

It’s evident from the video that boyfriend didn’t go over how to safely handle a firearm before handing it over to girlfriend. That may have been a good idea.

Not everyone likes going shooting with me. That’s okay. It doesn’t matter who it is I take, we always have a mandatory safety brief before guns come out, period.

People also think I’m weird because I wear electronic ear muffs and I believe wearing a bulletproof vest to the range is a good idea. That’s okay too. Seeing this video just reminds me all over again how important safety is and how at any time somebody can make a life-altering, lethal mistake.


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