Trayvon Martin shooting reenacted, big push to shut down Stand Your Ground law (VIDEO)

In an effort to put an end to Stand Your Ground laws, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence released their new online ad reenacting the night George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

Piecing together audio from various 911 calls, the nonprofit organization used paid actors to portray both Zimmerman and Martin. After the scene plays out, it closes by showing not just Trayvon Martin lying dead on the ground, but dozens of similarly dressed bodies with the names of more than 20 states who also implement Stand Your Ground law.

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A scene depicts dozens of dead bodies with the names of states who support Stand Your Ground law hovering above.

The CSGV commented, “’Stand Your Ground’ laws have essentially legalized murder. With this PSA, we hope to add to the nationwide push to repeal these immoral laws.”

While there are those who oppose Stand Your Ground law, there are other who back it. The National Rifle Association and American Legislative Exchange Council are just two.

The CSGV has also launched a new website, starting a petition asking people to persuade lawmakers to “oppose this immoral legislation.”


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