Brazilian store owner throws robber out second-story window (VIDEO)

Many have called America the “Wild West,” and perhaps aptly so, but one Brazillian grocery store has certainly earned the title after the owner threw a robber through a second-story window.

Two men rolled up on a motorcycle, the driver parking in front of the store as the passenger departed to do his dirty work. The crook figured a small grocery vendor on the side of the street would be an easy way to line his pockets with a few extra bucks.

He figured wrong.

Moments after he entered the store, he was ejected out the window, falling 10 feet to the street beneath him. The impact of his not so graceful landing caused his shoes to fly off his feet.

His not so loyal partner saw the commotion and sped away, leaving the barefoot bandit to collect his shoes and run away with his tail tucked firmly between his legs.

Brazil – 1

Robber – 0


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