George Zimmerman visits Kel-Tec plant, scopes out 'high-capacity' shotgun

george zimmerman posing with employee at indoor gun range has done plenty of tours, but we’ve never been featured by TMZ. (Photo credit: TMZ)

George Zimmerman went to the Kel-Tec manufacturing facility in Cocoa, Florida, yesterday and received a tour of the plant from the owner’s son, according to an exclusive report.

And what’s a tour to a firearms manufacturing plant without checking out some of the sweet weapons the company has to offer?

Apparently, Zimmerman took a little look at the Kel-Tec KSG, a compact 12 gauge shotgun with internal dual tube magazines that yield an impressive 14-shell capacity and currently retails for around $1,200. The KSG was introduced at the 2011 SHOT Show after much anticipation, but was met with mixed emotions from consumers. However, Kel-Tec has worked to make improvements on the gun’s design and functionality.

Reports indicate that while touring the facility Zimmerman questioned the legality of owning such a shotgun. However, one might question the likelihood of Zimmerman seeking legal advice from Kel-Tec employees when he has access to a handful of lawyers, most likely via speed dial.

Reports also state that it’s unclear whether or not Zimmerman purchased the KSG during his visit. Although it’s doubtful he did, considering that it’s a manufacturing plant, not a retail gun store.

Of course, had Zimmerman visited the facility on Feb. 25, 2012, nobody likely would have cared and it certainly wouldn’t have made headlines. But the events surrounding Zimmerman over the last year and a half have thrown him into the spotlight anytime he does anything – good, bad or indifferent. And the fact that Zimmerman was reported to be checking out a “high-capacity” shotgun is certainly going to turn heads and raise eyebrows.

However, it just so happens that the KSG is considered an excellent choice for home defense, so it’s not that difficult to see why Zimmerman might be in the market for one. The Zimmerman family – all of them, not just George and his wife – constantly receive death threats, according to reports.

In fact, one gun shop owner even received death threats when he offered to give Zimmerman a free handgun. Zimmerman has received several such offers from individuals around the country, but he has yet to accept any proposition.

man holding the ksg rifle

The KSG.

Even a family who was helped by Zimmerman after they were involved in a car accident was afraid to publically thank him – or be associated with him in any way – out of fear that they also would be targets of violence.

Since a jury of his peers concluded that he was not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman is a free man and as such has every legal right to own – and carry – a firearm.

Although it’s not likely that Zimmerman will be tucking the compact shotgun up under a trench coat, it is highly likely that he remains armed. And, as Zimmerman’s lawyer stated, he has “even more of a reason now” to make sure he and his family are adequately protected.

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