Brazilian officer miraculously escapes death when his gun jams after being disarmed by a thug (VIDEO)

An off-duty police officer nearly lost his life during a heated struggle after a robber disarmed him of his weapon.

The officer and 32-year-old Santos Aguilar walked into the Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus church in Rio de Janeiro. Moments later, the officer pulled his gun on Santos, who was accused of being the leader in a string of robberies.

The robber was powerful and overwhelmed the officer. The robber took control of the officer’s weapon and with gun in hand and pointed at the officer’s head, the robber pulled the trigger – twice.

A failure to fire occurred, likely resultant from the altercation. After kicking the officer in the face, Santos fled, only to be captured by police later on.

The irony that the officer was a member of the church, and narrowly escaped death in a church, is not lost. Guardian angels or faulty weapon?

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