An in-your-grill, point blank look at the face of handguns (7 PHOTOS)


Smith & Wesson .38

In the series “Point Blank,” photographer Peter Andrew with Simon Duffy and Derek Blais, capture the business end of firearms. The angles are unusual to say the least and provide an otherwise unexplored view, lending the viewer the perspective of having a gun shoved in their face.

Andrews says the portraits are meant to be examined as one would a human face, to search out the detail and imperfections and to fall in love with the flaws.

“Guns have a massive amount of power associated with them,” Andrews said. “They are designed to kill. We decided to photograph portraits of them in a similar way you might photograph a powerful person. Like powerful people, pistols have this ‘perfect’ quality that we wanted to explore. As we started shooting them, we could see flaws in their design. Metal burring around the barrels, scratches in the metal. This imperfection and detail were very interesting to us; connecting us back to these images as ‘portraits.’”

“We also loved the impossible perspective these portraits provided. Typically, when you see a gun at this range and perspective, it’s usually seconds before the pistol is fired. This makes it very hard to examine at point blank range. As the viewer, you want to lean in and see the detail; but at the same time it’s very uneasy to be as close as you are to the barrel of a gun.”


Desert Eagle






Smith & Wesson 9mm







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