Han Solo Glock Holster: A Match for a Good Blaster (PHOTOS+VIDEO)





“The original Han Solo Blaster themed Kydex holster, made by Jon Hauptman of PHLster Holsters and the PhillyEDC YouTube Channel.

“This holster is made from gray Kydex thermoformed plastic. It fits a Glock 19 or 23 and is made for a right-handed shooter. Comes with 1.75 inch belt loops for OWB carry.

“Holster comes signed and is a very limited edition of ONE.

“Comes with the PHLster lifetime warranty.

“This is a functioning holster. If this holster is used and shows wear and tear during your ownership, we will refurbish, restore, or repair it for free, at any time.

“Twenty Five Percent of the sale will be donated to the MARSOC Foundation.”

All I’m saying is, is that if Lucas punched up an official series of OWB holsters for common handguns to match “Star Wars” blasters, that would make up for Jar-Jar. Not Greedo shooting first, we’re still gonna have words for that. But official blaster holsters? Even-Steven.

Caught this on the PHLster Facebook page. Get your wallets ready.


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