Huge Beach Brawl: Mexican sailors vs. Polish football fans (VIDEO)

Mexican Navy cadets in Poland took a break from their drills, only to be assaulted by a gang of overly enthusiastic football fans.

Fifty-six cadets from the Cuauhtemoc training ship clashed on the beach with the supporters of the Ruch Chorzow team, who were in the town of Gdynia for a cup match.

The mob fight had an audience of scantily clad onlookers, gawking as dozens of men went at it.

Riot police eventually broke up the fight and separated the sides, but Mexico’s president wasn’t very happy about the violence.

“As a people and as a government we have to express our disapproval, sorrow and condemnation for these events,” he said.

Local police spokeswoman, Michal Sienkiewics, said three Poles were detained and two were charged. They face a sentence of five years in prison for assault.

Two Mexican sailors were taken to a hospital with serious injuries, though officials say they are now out of danger.


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