Kid borrows dad's truck, turns it into huge mech-warrior (PHOTOS)

This probably wasn’t what Dad was expecting when his son asked if he could borrow his truck.

A mech-warrior loving, metallurgy master dissembled his dad’s Nissan truck, which allegedly “he doesn’t use any more,” and built a mechanical monster.

The kid claimed just one truck wouldn’t do it, so he headed off to the local dissemble center and bought over a ton of parts. After a month of tinkering, he got everything together.

Now, where’s the cockpit…

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The kid took his dad’s truck, which he didn’t use anyway, and built a real-life transformer.

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Just one truck wasn’t enough to build Optimus Prime’s baby brother, so he headed off the local disassemble center to pick up another ton of junk.

[The Brigade]

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