New OCAT Wireless System Extends Digital Shot-Calling to 1,000 Yards

OutWest Systems had developed a wireless extender for their OCAT system for shooting at ranges up to 1,000. The OCAT, or Optical Computer-Aided Training System, is a flexible tool that gives shooters a better view of their targets and even works with laser simulators to help its users hone their skills.

The new OCAT Long Range Wireless System allows shooters to place a standard OCAT system downrange, far downrange. The wireless extender works out to about 1,000 yards, which is a common standard for long-range practice.

OCAT-S-001-2The OCAT system connects a spotting scope to a computer which tracks your shots, allowing you to look at a laptop screen next to you as opposed to having to interrupt your shooting by picking up a spotting scope or binoculars to check out your target.

It also records your shooting and analyzes it. In addition to being able to save shooting sessions to compare them to recent days at the range, the software can identify potential issues the shooter might have to help improve the shooter. It’s like having a electronic spotter come with you, taking notes.

“The program will immediately analyze the shot and provide instant verbal and visual feedback including location, order of shot and timing of each shot,” Explains the OutWest product page. “The OCAT system may also be set to give additional feedback and target analysis of shots fired. When you leave the range you can save all target information, images and analysis for later use at the click of a button.”

It’s a very complete spotting system but until now, was limited to pistol ranges and short rifle ranges only. With the OCAT Long Range Wireless System, OCAT users can set their spotting scope up a safe 40 to 60 yards away from the 1,000 yard line and use it with their laptop like it was by their side.


Additionally, multiple OCAT Long Range Wireless Systems can be daisy-chained together, each kit adding another 1,000 yards of wireless range. And for long ranges with several targets, OutWest also makes a pan-and-tilt adapter for the spotting scope that allows it to turn to track multiple targets.

The OCAT Long Range Wireless System otherwise works just like the standard kit; it records your range sessions, calls your hits, displays your target on a laptop screen next to you and otherwise provides the help of a professional spotter.

It’s true that the best way to improve your shooting skills is to shoot more often, but there are some things that make each of your shots count a little more. You can shoot by yourself, and get some value out of shooting, or you can work with a trainer.

While it’s a bit expensive at $1,360 — $765 for the Standard OCAT kit and $560 for the 1,000-yard extender — if you were to work with professional long-range trainers you could spend that much in a couple of weekends.

In that sense, the OCAT presents a tremendous value, to individuals and ranges. Plus, the full long-range setup includes the close-range equipment, which can be used to work with other shooting skills.

OutWest makes a whole set of products that work with the OCAT system, including a laser trainer that tracks your muzzle before and after pulling the trigger, identifying any problems with your grip and giving you visual feedback with dry-fire practice.

For more information, head over to the OutWest Systems website.

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