Custom Flamethrowing Wheelchair! (PHOTOS+VIDEO)




“It looks more like the transport of choice for a Bond villain than a wheelchair.

“But one inventive engineer has turned a wheelchair into his very own hot seat — by fitting it with a flamethrower.

“Lance Greathouse’s eccentric creation can spit fire over 35 feet — the length of a typical bus.”

It’s called Lord Humongous and it will make or break your day. Lord Humongous can only be taken out at night otherwise its devil heart will fall back on its evil instincts and eat all the children it finds. Lord Humongous was into Jet Boy and Jet Girl before it was cool. Lord Humongous made Lance Armstrong admit he was cheating.

Lord Humongous can’t vote, but if it could, it would be a single-issue voter. That issue is Lord Humongous will burn it all down.

[The Daily Mail]

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