Joerg Sprave's 'Zombie Wars'–A Slingshot Channel Joint (VIDEO)

“Yes, you got it right. “The Slingshot Channel” wants to produce a full length movie! Of course it must be a Zombie movie, and of course it must include the best weapons presented so far – plus several new ones…

“In order to raise the money that is needed for such a lofty quest, the team has decided to produce a trailer that shows the potential. The trailer is expected for a September 2013 release and the material was filmed this weekend. Based on the trailer, it is planned to raise the cash on a crowd funding platform. So very soon, YOU can help to make the BEST ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER become a reality!

“See the crew, the Zombie Killers, the weapons, and of course the true heroes — the Zombies! Master Make Up artist Nicolay Mayer and his team have done a world class job for sure.

“These scenes do not contain any action scenes – those will premier later this month in the trailer. But the fun we all had in Berlin and Jüterbog hopefuly comes over!”

Our favorite German behind the Slingshot Channel is cutting together a trailer of a potential full-length DIY-weapons-featuring zombie flick in order to gin up some crowdsourced funding.

Definitely looking forward to it.

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