Maybe I Can Help You. I Am Boba Glock (9 PHOTOS)

Glock 17 painted to look like Boba Fett's helmet

This is a Boba Fett-themed Glock refinished by GOE Gun Works.

If you’ve got a gun design that any other gun refinisher is afraid to tackle, whether they use too many colors, too complex patterns and even too much glitter, you need to give them a call.

Because what’s too much for everyone else is where GOE Gun Works is just getting started.




Holoflake creates a multi-color sparkle when exposed to direct sunlight or any other brightly lit environment

Ruger SR9c with a Zombie Green slide and mag bases, custom lettering, with Everglades controls

Springfield XD-9 with a Pink Sparkle frame and Electric Blue slide, mag bases and controls


Glock 23 painted in John Deere GreenYellow DuraCoat with all the cool JD accents

For more head over to GOE Gun Works.


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