Magpul MBUS Pro Flip-Up Sights now shipping

mbus pro

Magpul’s MBUS folding backup iron sights for ARs and other firearms with similar flattop rails are a common sight on many tactical and tacticool guns, and there isn’t much to complain about them in the functionality department, either.

Pairs of MBUS sights and MBUS rears matched with F-height front sights are particularly popular because they’re inexpensive, too, owing to their polymer construction.

However, because they’re polymer sights they have some limitations, including the fact that they can’t be installed on railed gas blocks, and frankly, some users will not settle for anything less than metal.

Magpul3_zpsc636e44d Introduced earlier this year, the MBUS Pros are just the ticket for anyone who loves Magpul but not their plastic backup iron sights. They are some of the most highly-anticipated Magpul products since the announcement of the 40-round Gen M3 Pmag. We spent some time with them at the NRA annual convention and were sufficiently impressed. Weapon Evolution is reporting that they are now heading to dealers and should be in stores soon, which is on-schedule with what Magpul has told us.

These are solid all-steel sights with a very slight profile when folded. Designed to stand up to hard abuse, it’s likely that they’ll break a mount before they break themselves.

Both sights are quick-adjusting, with a tool-free elevation knob on the front sight and windage and elevation knobs on the rear.

Magpu2_zps7e3cc358One feature that’s gone from the MBUS Pros are the springs that flip up the sights with a click, but they do have a smooth action that locks them upright or folded with tough but not unworkable detents.

And for the real pros who will be using them, the front sight was made slim to accommodate IR lasers and other top rail-mounted accessories.

They do depart from the polymer MBUS in one other but critical way. These fetch a price premium similar to many other high-end backup iron sights, with the rear running $105 and the front $85. Those are suggested prices; street prices are likely to be considerably lower.

Still, just as the polymer MBUS have become staple accessories in the AR world, we’re positive that the MBUS Pros will, too.

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