Ammo Update: Remington, Lapua lower prices on premium ammo and components

umc 300 blk aac blackout

With ammo returning to store shelves in fits and starts, it’s clear that most ammunition manufacturers have focused their tooling on the common and popular calibers, leaving many niche shooters out.

Some types of ammo, like 300 AAC Blackout and 6.5 Grendel are nearly worth their weight in gold, if you can find them.

The good news is that Remington and Lapua are working to get hard-to-find ammo and components into shooters’ hands.

300 blk aac blackout walmart

Yes, this is really 300 BLK on a Walmart store shelf.

Remington has taken a big step by developing a new line of 300 BLK UMC, their bulk brand of ammo. What’s even more interesting is that it’s a subsonic cartridge for suppressor users.

“The new UMC subsonic is a ground-up design with a completely new custom bullet optimized for 300 BLK, with a proper nose profile for proper magazine fit and the most reliable feeding from AR-style rifles,” explains the 300 AAC Blackout Facebook page. “The bullet is a cannelured 220 grain Open-Tip match with a flat base.”

“The powder is optimized for 300 BLK cycling in gas-operated rifles, for sound, and for improved velocity deviation. Brass is struck-up for NATO-like hardness (more like 5.56mm brass than 223 brass),” the post continues. “Visible annealing marks remain on the case for verification that this important step has been done. Primers are sealed in blue.”

It’s considerably less expensive than most 300 BLK ammo as well, with an MSRP of $18 for a box of 20.

Lapua is making it easier to buy ammo and loading components as well. They just announced that they’re lowering their prices on several premium products, prices lower than they’ve ever had.

“All Lapua products in our Kaltron Outdoors warehouse are on sale at our lowest prices,” said Lapua representative Jeannie Bolda.

Lapua has updated their stock to include the following:


  • 6.5 Grendel
  • .22-.250 Remington


  • 6mm (77gr.) HP
  • 6.5mm (108gr.) Scenar HPBT 
  • 6.5mm (123gr.) Scenar HPBT
  • .50 BMG (750gr.)

Rimfire ammo

  • .22 LR Polar Biathlon, 
  • .22 LR X-Act

Centerfire ammo

  • .30-06 (185gr.) SP
  • .30-06 (123gr.) FMJ Trainer

If you’re looking to stock up on ammo components you can buy them directly from the Lapua website or by telephone 815-505-4104.

Got any great ammo finds? Share them with us in the comments. After you’ve placed your order, that is.

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