Lawyers justify Florida man’s brutal killings with “Stand Your Ground” and “The Bush Doctrine” (VIDEO)

After a man killed two neighbors and attempted to kill a third on Labor Day, his lawyers cited President George W. Bush’s pre-emptive war in Iraq and the “Bush Doctrine” as their line of defense.

Attorneys representing William T. Woodward filed a motion asking for their client’s charges to be dropped under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which states gun owners do not have a duty to retreat in the face of an “imminent” threat, reported Florida Today. (SOURCE)


On Labor Day, William T. Woodward shot and killed two neighbors, injuring a third who he shot 11 times.

Titusville officials stated Woodward quietly snuck up on his unassuming neighbors as they celebrated Labor Day at a barbecue. He shot and killed Gary Lee Hembree and Roger Picior, but Bruce Timothy survived his wounds, even though he had been shot 11 times.

According to Woodward’s attorneys, the victim had called him names and threatened to “get him.”

The motion referred to a prior case, Enoch V. State, suggesting that an “imminent” threat can include a future event that is likely to occur.

“I think legally that term has sort of been evolving especially given changes of our government’s definition of “imminent,” said Woodward’s attorney, Robert Berry. “It’s become more expansive than someone putting a gun right to your head. It’s things that could become, you know, an immediate threat.”

The defense also cited “The Bush Doctrine,” (SOURCE) a foreign policy used by President George W. Bush when justifying the invasion of Iraq, which embraces “preventative” or pre-emptive warfare.


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