Fashion designer Kenneth Cole “mocking war to sell fashion,” twittersphere outraged at “boots on the ground” tweet (VIDEO)


Fashion designer, Kenneth Cole, sparked an outrage when he tweeted about “boots on the ground.”

Fashion designer, Kenneth Cole, sent out the tweet heard round the world. Many interpreted his comment as a failed attempt to “sell fashion” at the expense of American troops.

Cole’s tweet was in response to the phrase, “boots on the ground,” as used by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State, John Kerry, regarding the possible troop deployment in Syria.

Geben Communication’s, Heather Whaling, wasn’t happy with the tweet, responding with one of her own.

Fashion designer, Bradley Scott, added:

But this isn’t the first time Cole has tweeted controversial messages. During the 2011 Egyptian Arab Spring, he tweeted, “Millions are in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online @…..”

And in April, after the Senate failed to pass legislation to expand background checks on gun buyers, Cole tweeted a link to an ad stating “Regardless of the right to bear arms, we in no way condone the right to bare feet.”

The negative remarks on Cole’s “boots on the ground” comment were so great, he eventually deleted it and issued a video apology on Instagram.

I guess there are more important things than fashion after all.


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