Colion Noir on the Black NRA (VIDEO)

Seriously, who didn’t think Sarah Silverman’s “Black NRA” satire wasn’t really, and I mean really racist? Like, it pretty much couldn’t have been worse even if she cross-dressed and put on blackface for the video.

Colion Noir’s response is, as usual, level-headed and funny. Also: right.

“To Sarah Silverman and the rest of the patronizing, self righteous yahoos, who feel that they can simply tug at my skin color in order to get me to agree with them and then Make light of the issues black people deal with by making jokes about a black NRA-ha-ha-ha, go play in traffic. All of the young black men I know and hangout with use logic to make decisions, so give me back my race because its not for you to use to make dumb-ass videos with.”

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