Robber writes moving apology letter and repays debt, 12 years after stealing (VIDEO)

The owners of a Nashville grocery store were shocked and moved after a robber and former drug addict repaid a 12-year-old debt.

Somboon Wu, son of the store owner, Keosavanh Xayarath, said a man came into their family InterAsian Market and Deli early in September, insisting they accept an envelope.

They were initially apprehensive about accepting the odd parcel from a stranger, but after opening the envelope, they were elated to find a handwritten apology letter and $400 in cash.


An anonymous robber wrote an apology letter and repaid a 12-year-old debt.

The gesture of kindness came from the same man who robbed the store at gunpoint 12 years earlier. The letter explained how the anonymous man was a former drug addict, and after being clean, felt compelled to make amends with those who he hurt in the past.

“I do not use drugs anymore, and I feel I must make amends to the people I have hurt in the past,” the letter read. “I hope you will accept this money and find forgiveness. Peace be with you, Anonymous.”


Somboon Wu and his family were elated to find the apology letter and $400 in cash enclosed in an envelope.

Moved by the unexpected gratuity, Wu and his father posted a photo of the letter on Twitter and Instagram.

Their caption read, “We were robbed about 11 or 12 years ago. Today, we surprisingly received this note from the robber and the stolen cash returned.”

“This is truly inspirational and reminds us that there are plenty of good people in this world. To the anonymous person, we want to tell you all is forgiven and thank [you] for your note.”

“We don’t care about the money. We are more inspired and touched by your act. We hope you find peace in life and prosperity. Best wishes!” They concluded.

Wu told Nashville Scene, “Isn’t it amazing? We don’t know this guy, but we want to let people know he’s out there trying to fix his life.”

“You know,” Wu continued. “We get cynical. I get cynical – a lot. But this just slaps you in the face. There are good people out there, and they deserve a second chance.”

Likely having long forgotten about the historic incident, and certainly now forgiving, Wu gave a parting word to the unknown man.

“We just want to let him know, if he’s watching, wherever life takes you, we forgive you for what you did,” Wu told WSMV.


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