NRA Life of Duty: Incredible 9/11 tribute (VIDEO)

September 11, 2001, Deputy Chief John Norman FDNY (retired) was asleep, and completely unaware that a terrorist attack on America was underway.

When Norman’s home answering machine chirped with an urgent “all call” message from his department, rousing him from his sleep, he raced into action, and into a day he’d never forget – the day terror struck the World Trade Center.

Many of his superiors’ lives were lost at Ground Zero after the buildings collapsed, leaving Norman in charge of the entire rescue operation, and forcing him to set aside his grief so he could effectively serve his fellow citizens.

Today, we honor the selfless acts of the first responders who so willingly placed themselves in harm’s way, sacrificing their own body to save others’. We take a moment to remember the men and women in uniform who fought against darkness that day, and who have continued to bravely defend our home security every since.


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