Rock Island Armory 1911s getting a new look

Rock Island Armory Introduces Sleek New Look for Legendary 1911

Rock Island Armory, the world’s largest seller of 1911 pistols, has introduced a new look for their entire line of popular handguns. Guided by customer feedback and a shift to provide a more streamlined look, Rock Island Armory has moved their logo from the side of the slide to the back of the slide displaying the distinctive Rock Island Armory logo. The company is now shipping all 1911 pistols with the new look.

“Two of the things that are important to us are staying true to the legendary standard platform of the 1911 and the second is listening to our customers,” said Martin Tuason, President of Rock Island Armory. “We were ready to refresh the look of our pistols and we heard a lot of feedback that the subtle change to a smaller old logo at the back of the slide would give our 1911’s a more distinctive and streamlined look.”

I like it. I can’t wait to see it on their guns across the board. The previous logo, while not bad in and of itself, really dominates the left side of their 1911s. The new logo and placement show off the gun itself a lot better.

Here’s the old style for reference:


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