Sphinx SDP Compact 9mm pistol review (VIDEO)


Fun Gun Reviews Presents: ‘The Sphinx SDP Compact 9mm Pistol.’ This is a new Swiss made pistol that has just started being imported in the U.S.by Kriss USA. A high quality pistol from the CZ design.”

I’m a bit torn on the Sphinx pistols. While they are exquisite guns — even the service pistols are excellent — I can’t help but think that CZ Custom offers pistols with better triggers and far more sight options than Sphinx does. Not to mention, they cost less.

However, the Sphinx SDP guns have many other features and finishing touches that make them in most other ways more modern than — and arguably superior to — CZs. And there’s no beating around the bush: their tritium-fiber-optic sights are the best on the market, and that’s saying a lot. 

What do you think? Is it better to have one Sphinx or two CZs? (Or three Caniks?)

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