Joerg Sprave’s straight-up lethal toilet brush sniper rifle (VIDEO)

This is an updated long-range, accuratized version of Joerg Sprave’s straight-up lethal toilet brush revolver, which is as terrifying as Sprave’s mad scientist laughter.

“Toilet brushes have become pretty much the signatory ammo for The Slingshot Channel. We simply love these harmless looking household items, especially when they are ‘devilized’ with a mean tip made from a nine inch nail.”

“We have seen in the past how much force these projectiles have when shot from a long barreled slingshot crossbow. The sharp ‘arrows’ have as much energy as a .38 Special round, but five times the momentum — well into sledge hammer league — with a a needle like tip).”

“So far all of the weapons we used to shoot these things had no sighting system — just instinctive aiming. That may be acceptable for an emergency situation, but what if you need to kill some zombies with accuracy?”

“Introducing the Toilet Brush Sniper Rifle — a slingshot crossbow with 7.5-foot total length. Outfitted with telescopic sights and a bipod, the rifle resembles one of these notorious .50 BMG firearms. But they hit without any noise, and generate no smell either!”

“See three consecutive hits from 20 meters distance (22 yards) – the group fits on the palm of your hand, or on the forehead of a Zombie …”

That thing is devastating. It does need a loader, but damn. Accuracy and hitting power.

And toilet brushes.

If you want to get in on this action head over to the official Slingshot Channel website.

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