Burglar caught in the act, confronted by heroic homeowner armed with 12-gauge (VIDEO)

A quick thinking homeowner, armed with a shotgun and unwilling to let a criminal repeatedly burglarize his house, laid down the law when he caught 27-year-old Gilbert Nunez walking out his front door with his TV.

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This heroic homeowner said “no” to burglary.

Nunez had successfully broken into Paul Cavazos’ condo in San Antonio, Texas at least twice before, including one instance when he stole a laptop while Cavazos’ girlfriend was home. Having gotten greedy, the burglar tried unsuccessfully for a third time.

When Cavazos and his girlfriend returned home from an office party on Saturday, they discovered the thief slithering away with his 47-inch flat-screen TV.

Cavazos acted quickly, charging out his door with a shotgun and ordering Nunez to the ground.

“I grabbed my shotgun. You know, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time,” Cavazos told KSAT-TV.

Shotgun at the ready, the heroic homeowner kept Nunez at gunpoint until officers arrived, never having fired a round.


Gilbert Nunez wisely chose to be compliant after staring down the barrel of a 12-gauge shotgun.

Nunez was “very compliant,” as he stared down the barrelof Cavazos’ 12-gauge shotgun.

Though he hopes to never have to use it again, Cavazos sleeps sound at night knowing he keeps his pump-action 12-gauge locked behind his safe, knowing that if the need arises, it will be there.

Nunez was charged with burglary of a home and possession of drug paraphernalia.


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