This is why you don’t play with guns, burglar shoots out his own eye (VIDEO)

An armed Peruvian burglar shot out his own eye while trying to burglarize a hotel in Victoria.

The suspect, 19-year-old Antonio Cordova Kenyo Ruiz, walked into the La Victoria hotel, hoping to grab a few bucks, but instead ended up in a hospital. Ruiz, dressed in a grey hoodie, forced a frantic employee to open up the register as he went about disconnecting the security cameras.

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This bad guy was left with one eye after he shot himself in the face in the commission of a crime.

While fiddling with wires, the rushed and careless bad guy negligently discharged his weapon, directly into his face. The blast sent him reeling backwards and careening to the floor, where he lay, unconscious for some time as the scared employee hunkered down and covered her ears. His partner in crime heard the gunshot and briefly checked on Ruiz, only to abandon him and flee the scene.

Upon coming-to, the now one-eyed maniac went back to work, trying to finish the job. His strength failing and likely very disoriented, Ruiz was eventually overwhelmed and disarmed by a security officer.

Ruiz was transported to a hospital for treatment, but made no comment on whether anybody had ever notified him that “he could put his eye out with that thing.”


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