This is what it's like to be pinned down by Taliban fire (VIDEO)

Funker530: How did this engagement begin?
Soldier: It all started when my sniper team saw 5 guys crest the ridge line 1450m away, holding PKM’s, RPK’s and AK’s. We hit one of them and they were pissed off, so 5-6 PKM and RPG teams engaged us. We had about 20 line company guys with us with built up positions and THEY were the ones to get spotted.

F: How close were the rounds landing?
S: A dozen or so PKM bursts landed inches from my spotter’s foot, and the vegetation next to us in the video was eventually all gone from being ripped apart by rounds. The RPG’s (loud explosions you can hear at 0:37 ) were landing within feet from our position.

F: What was your distance to the target
S: They were concave, surrounding us, with the closest targets being roughly 400-600m, and the farthest being 1400 – 1500m

F: What type of weapons were being fired at you?
S: PKM, AK, RPK, RPG’s, and mortars.

F: How long did the accurate fire last?
S: Very heavy volumes of accurate fire lasted roughly 10-20 minutes, followed by sporadic bursts and accurate single shots from AK and PKM.

F: What happened after the attack?
S: After the attack we received ICOM chatter that 400-500 more fighters were moving from deep in the Waturpur to engage us the next morning at sun up. We already had RTB’s and had a 7 hour trip back to the COP under 0 loom. We incurred a broken ankle on the way down that required medevac.

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