Babbling burglar does the backstroke as police boats close in (VIDEO)

A babbling burglar tried to backstroke his way from police after he took to the water, leading to an anticlimactic pursuit.

Watchful Florida resident, John Robinson, called 9-1-1 after he saw a suspicious person roaming his neighborhood.

Thirsty and in need of hydration, 32-year-old Patrick Russell Brennan was going from door to door, asking for cups of water. Some residents were kind enough to spare a glass, but others like Robinson, knew something was awry.

Armed with a knife, Brennan eventually backed his car into a driveway after discovering the owner wasn’t around, running into the backyard and breaking into the home.


The thirsty 32-year-old Patrick Russell Brennan was arrested after taking a swim.

Brevard County deputies found Brennan still in the house, and after realizing the jig was up, he dove off the dock and into the Indian River. As police boats pursued Brennan, he took to evasive maneuvers, backstroking his way from being caught.

However, the motorboat triumphed over the swimmer, and Brennan was dragged onto the dock, desperately trying to convince police he was in the area “helping a friend of a friend” fix a broken screen door.

But as he lay on the back of a patrol car, nearly in tears, his story quickly unraveled into a babbling brook of nonsense.

“Yes, I don’t know what to do,” Brennan said hysterically. “I ran around in circles in my car today four or five or six times.”


Brennan starts babbling nonsense as he leans over the back of a patrol car.

“Then all of a sudden I was getting swarmed – by helicopters, boats. I’ve never done anything wrong in my whole life,” he told deputies.

Robinson told WKMG regarding Brennan, “I’m not a doctor or anything, but I would suggest that he was probably really high on something. He was, he was not acting right.”

Brennan was arrested and charged with armed burglary and resisting arrest.


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