A response to Starbucks' 'No Guns' policy (VIDEO)

This! All of it.

It really strikes me as critical that we as gun owners stay united on all types of gun uses as long as they’re legal. I get how eight guys (and they’re invariably guys) marching into a coffee shop with ARs can come across as stupid and frightening, but it isn’t illegal and no one got hurt.

I would be happy to live in a world where everyone could carry whatever they wished in any manner of their choosing and have not a soul freak out and be a dick about it.

We are talking about people who are trying to secure a right; it is brusque and inconsiderate and in some ways, for some people, downright scary.

And maybe there isn’t a place for open-carry in metropolitan areas, and maybe that’s more of an issue of reality rather than just our culture’s perception of guns, but I think people ought to be less critical of those who keep one on their hip wherever they go. Frankly, in a lot of ways open-carry is superior, and that’s why it is in many places still a protected right.

I’ve heard open-carry demonstrators compared to the Westboro Baptists. That’s not right; open-carry demonstrators aren’t trying to be intimidating nor are they trying to cause pain or strife. They’re trying to force acceptance of an issue, they’re trying to promote tolerance; they’re the pride paraders of the gun world.

But they picked Starbucks to march their parade through; now they’re going to need a lot more rainbows before they’re going to get Starbucks to reverse their policy. 

This is an issue of acceptance, and as American history has shown, it is very difficult to force people into acceptance. It must happen naturally.

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