If you have to use .22 for self-defense, you must watch this (VIDEO)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, .22 Long Rifle, or any rimfire cartridge for that matter, is not intended for self-defense. That being said, some people may not have the option of centerfire guns or simply prefer to use the small cartridges despite their sub-caliber status.

Whether you depend on a Marlin Papoose, Ruger LCR or Browning Buck Mark for security, this is mandatory watching. While the content focuses on handguns, the data covers rifles as well.

Here are the pertinent charts so you don’t have to back and forth in the video:

rimfire ballistics 2

rimfire ballistics 3

You’re welcome to of course draw your own conclusions but the data points heavily towards the Winchester 40-grain Super-X Power Point and the CCI 36-grain Mini Mag, in pretty much that order, although the pre-fragmented rounds and the Aguila 60-grain SSS also show some promise for their expansion and yawing, respectively.

And naturally, if you do use a rimfire gun for for self-defense, make sure it’s dead-nuts reliable, and that’s where semi-automatic rimfire guns don’t shine so much. Consider a manual gun, like a double-action revolver.

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