How to kill two bad guys with one bullet and a knife, Filipino style (VIDEO)

If there’s one thing I hate more than anything else in the world, it’s when I have two retreating bogies, and only one bullet to spare.

But this Philippine movie presents an ever-so-elegant solution to an otherwise unsolvable problem.

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Manuel Mercado Lapid, former Philippine stuntman turned politician, splits a bullet down the middle to dispatch two baddies.

Using a knife and a revolver, this masked madman splits a bullet down the middle, turning it into two projectiles and saving the day in the most amazing trick-shot demonstration ever seen.

The actor and Philippine politician, Manuel Mercado Lapid, entered into film as a stuntman, but quickly worked his way into politics, becoming a Senator of the Republic of the Philippines.

If this were you and you only had one bullet, how would you have handled the two retreating bad guys?


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