Blackhawk pilot gets ticket for ‘parking in a no parking zone’

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This helicopter pilot got ticketed for being “parked facing the wrong way” and “parking in a no parking zone.”

A Colorado police officer gave a Blackhawk pilot a ticket, for parking in a no parking zone, after he landed in the street. Luckily it was just for shitz and giggles, though.

The Blackhawk helicopter was part of the Army National Guard units called in to help rescue stranded victims of the Colorado flood.

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Apparently, not even a military helicopter is exempt from the long arm of the law.


The Blackhawk was part of a rescue team to save stranded victims of a Colorado flood.

The area was heavily wooded and the only available landing pad was the road itself. But the Blackhawk pilot probably never thought his helicopter would be ticketed for “facing the wrong way” and “parking in a no parking zone.”

The ticket is obviously fake and meant as a practical joke, as there are no court dates or code sections for the violations. Either way, the helicopter crew likely got a good laugh out of it.


The ticket was likely meant as a joke, but definitely can’t be used in any legal capacity as there are no code sections used.

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