'Breaking Bad' breakdown: the Ruger LCR (VIDEO)

I can’t watch all of this because I haven’t started season 5. I’m on Netflix instant-watch time, I spend most of my year avoiding conversations that contain spoilers. I stopped it when they said “faceoff between Walt and Hank and Gomez.”

It’s hardly a spoiler, everyone knows it had to happen; that was basically established in the first episode, so I don’t feel bad about double-spoilage here. Even people who were surprised that Tony Danza wound up porking the mom in “Who’s the Boss” know that there was going to be a Heisenberg/Hank moment from episode one. But no, I wasn’t even about to watch more than that.

So yeah, all I know is that Walt has a storage room full of money and for some reason Anna Gunn, the actor who plays his wife, is getting death threats — are you freaking kidding me, actual death threats — for what her character has been doing in a TV show. 

But wait there’s more: here’s a follow-up video:

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Oh, right, and if for some reason you’re starting with season five of “Breaking Bad” because you don’t want to bother with the first four seasons — your loss — you’ll want to watch this by Screen Junkies.

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