Saiga MK-107 versus AR-15 (VIDEO)

The MK-107 is the commercial variant of the AK-107. It is a semi-automatic rifle that uses one of the coolest recoil-mitigation systems ever invented. Inside there is a bolt and a bolt carrier group; like a normal AK but smaller and lighter. Above it is a counterweight. The two are connected by a pinion gear.

As the bolt carrier group is driven backwards by the gas piston, it turns the pinion, which pushes the counterweight forward. The inertia is driven in two directions, some of it toward the shooter but some of it away.

While this doesn’t have a lot of science going on, you can clearly see the AK-pattern — maybe “inspired” is the better word — rifle recoil considerably less. Of course, the AK probably also weighs more than the AR, but still.

What we can all hope for is that this — by nature of the Saiga branding — will be imported to the U.S. They have the same fire control groups and theoretically could be converted to America-friendly “sporting rifles” the same way all the other Saigas are.

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