Shooting drills: Sweep the leg! (VIDEO)

When a standard kinetic response to a threat is not yielding a positive effect on target, SOP should be to utilize the Sweep the Leg Drill. Moving from conventional gravity zones to the legs immobilizes the target, allowing for a cascading system failure of the threat’s combat chassis.

With mobility exploitation of the target, follow up evaluation becomes easier for ballistic tasking.

Depending on operator’s munitions platform, ordinance delivery system, and battle operations spectrum, the Sweep the Leg Drill can be augmented with a maximum impact combatives package.

This is why you always train like you fight, eat lead and crap bullets, operate your syntaxes on the operator level condition level hot pink. There is no sleeping, no eating (except reloading components) and only occasional breathing.*

Fight to live to win and fight fights. Dynamic Pie Concepts.

*For shouting purposes and shouting purposes alone.

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