Utah man shoots neighbor in the back for 'telepathically raping' his wife (VIDEO)

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Meloney Selleneit, left, convinced her husband to shoot their neighbor for ā€œtelepathically rapingā€ her. Getting arrested surprised the shit out of them.

A 55-year-old Utah woman convinced her 53-year-old husband to shoot the man who had been ā€œtelepathically rapingā€ her.

Meloney Selleneit is accused of illegally purchasing a gun for her husband, Michael Selleneit, who is reportedly a convicted sex offender and felon, and inciting him to shoot 41-year-old neighbor, Tony Pierce, twice in the back as he worked outside his trailer home.

According to ABC 4 News, Pierce was flown to a hospital for emergency treatment.

Michael later told police Pierce had been telepathically raping his wife for years and was using crack cocaine to control her mind.

Though mental health evaluators expressed some hesitancy, a judge found Michael competent to stand trial.

He pleaded guilty but mentally ill to attempted manslaughter and use of a firearm by a restricted person, and was sentenced to two, consecutive one-to-15 years prison terms.

Michael is currently being held at the state hospital until his mental health is determined to be suitable for general prison population.

Meloney was also found to be mentally competent to stand trial and after pleading guilty but mentally ill to her charges last week, she was taken back to the same state hospital, where she has been receiving treatment over the last year.

Her sentencing is scheduled to take place Oct. 31.


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