This is what happens when you shoot a shotgun at a tree from 20 feet away (VIDEO)

This is what happens when you shoot a shotgun at a tree from 20 feet away – the tree fights back. Mother nature can be brutal, as this young, backwards cap wearing, baggy pants sagging, oversized puffy jacket sporting teen found out.

Most avid shooters are well aware of the invariable danger of shooting at objects too closely. At least, shooters are anyway.

As this shotgun wielding nature hater took aim at the tree, he probably wasn’t expecting for the tree to “return to sender.” Poised and ready to fire, his shotgun belched and what came next must have been very unpleasant.

The ricochet smacked him right in the forehead. Dazed and confused, he slowly set his weapon down and paced over to the camera. Blood trickled down his face as he covered the wound with his hand and we, the audience, are left with an indelible reminder of how important gun safety is.


The teen takes aim at the tree.


The teen fires at the tree, and the tree fights back.


The teen gets a life lesson on gun safety.

[Live Leak]

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