'8' by Acim Vasic: A perilous tale of two soldiers (VIDEO)

“8,” by Acim Vasic, is a short film about two, solitary soldiers from opposing armies who meet by happenstance in a snowy forest. In a perilous game of cat and mouse, the two antithetical characters work to outwit each other, until they are outwitted by destiny itself.

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The stereotypical American soldier captures the stereotypical British soldier after he parachutes into a field.

As they march through the woods, the British soldier held at gunpoint, the American is distracted by the sounds of overflying planes. The British soldier seizes the opportunity to flee, but doesn’t get very far.

Having been shot in the leg, the captive now hobbles on until the American steps on a mine, rendering him immobile lest he move and blow his leg off.

Again the British soldier flees, and again he is shot. This time in the arm.

I won’t spoil the rest, but it’s pretty entertaining.


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