Pot smoking teen tries tucking gun into waistband, shoots self in stomach


Hutchison discovered the sound the bong makes is “bang,” after he smoked a joint and accidentally shot himself in the gut.

The danger of mixing drugs and firearms became painfully evident to a Tennessee man in Florida after he smoked a joint, then accidentally shot himself in the gut.

Charles Mac Hutchinson, 18, reportedly smoked marijuana in his car in a McDonald’s parking lot, then shot himself in the stomach as he attempted to simultaneously decock a .38-caliber revolver while stuffing it into his waistband.

“I accidentally shot myself,” he reportedly said.

Witnesses told the Bay County Sheriff’s deputies who responded to the Tyndall Parkway McDonalds just after 8 p.m. on Thursday, that Hutchinson tumbled out of his car, clutching his stomach, just moments after they heard a single gunshot.

Hutchison was said to be with his girlfriend, 18-year-old Skye Hunter, and his juvenile brother when the negligent discharge took place. Following the instructions of her boyfriend, the diligent Hunter tossed the revolver into the woods, believing it was illegal to carry a gun in Florida.

But she didn’t throw it far enough. K-9 deputy Durka discovered the gun, which was reported stolen in Indiana in 2008.

Investigating deputies noticed the plain smell of marijuana present in the vehicle, finding a glass bong, digital scale, and a marijuana grinder under the seat.

Hunter told deputies the paraphernalia was hers, and after her confession she was promptly taken to the BCSO’s substation in Callaway. She also informed authorities she smoked a joint with Hutchison and his brother.

Hutchison was hospitalized and treated for his wounds, and deputies continue to investigate. As of late Thursday, no charges have been filed.

[The News Herald]

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