Limitless Gear's OPFOR polymer mag holders now crowdfunding (VIDEO)

Limitless Gear LLC, a Virginia based start-up, has just opened up their crowdfunding efforts on  Their $100,000 goal is really ambitious.  In the first two days on Indiegogo, they’ve raised just over $3,000.  That’s a long way to go, but we can help.

The OPFOR polymer magazine holder

The OPFOR mag holder

The OPFOR mag holder

OPFOR is a tricky name.  In military parlance, it means opposing force.  This is the squad that plays the role of the enemy in training exercises.  For the Limitless Gear OPFOR, it may more accurately describe the physical device that holds the magazines in place: a polymer leaf spring that catches a magazine’s catch.  The result is a mag holder with positive retention and an open top.

The OPFOR is made of polymer.  They’re light, modular and available in black or coyote brown.  It works with traditional 5.56 magazines, and polymer mags, too.  The back of the OPFOR has four claws that catch MOLLE webbing.  Because there’s positive retention on the magazine, the OPFOR can be worn with the magazine facing up or down.  The can be attached to plate carriers, vests, leg rigs, or bags.  The front side of the OPFOR has slots that allow for more modularity.  You can stack up OPFORs, or clip on another pouch.

Simply insert the magazine and the spring will catch.  To remove the mag, twist and pull.  The force of a simple twist is enough to release the OPFOR’s hold on the magazine.  It is a simple, natural motion, but not one that’s likely to occur unless you are intentionally puling a magazine.  So there’s very little chance they’ll come loose.

The OPFOR's backside

The OPFOR’s backside


  • Fast and secure attachment to any 2×2 MOLLE/PALs surface
  • Lidless positive magazine retention
  • Attachment slots for stacking OPFORs or MALICE clips
  • Confidently carry magazines in normal or inverted orientations
  • 100 percent made in the USA from U.S. materials
  • Available in black and coyote brown
  • Weighs only 2.8 ounces

slideshow9So go go to Indiegogo

The OPFOR is available for pre-order now on Check out for more details.

They have various funding levels available.  Any amount is welcome.  They have patches, mag holders, even prototypes for those who are willing to pony up.

We’ll get a few of these in as soon as possible, and put them through the paces.  But, crowdfunding being what it is, you may want to get a jump on things.

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