Don't shake it: massive recall of Brazilian MPs' Taurus 24/7 pistols (VIDEO)

This video from SBT Brazil shows a terrifyingly easy to reproduce failure, that by simply shaking affected Taurus 24/7 DS pistols, they can fire unintentionally.

Thankfully this is an issue that only affects the pistols used by the São Paulo State Military Police (PMSP), not all 24/7 DS pistols and no American guns.

Still, the PMSP is a very large organization. The number of pistols being recalled due to the possibility of having this flaw: 98,000. Not a small contract. Time will tell if other Brazilian agencies are seeing the same problem.

Realistically, this could be a very limited issue that only effects a small number of guns, but given the severity of the malfunction, it’s no surprise that Taurus Brazil is taking it this gravely.

[The Firearm Blog]

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