Modern Spartan Systems hard-use gun oil (VIDEO)

This Timken bearing test of Modern Spartan Systems’ gun oil is remarkably similar to the one recently touted by Italian Gun Grease, which is a similar-functioning lubricant in that it binds to the metal on a nano scale, creating a thin super-flat surface that prevents friction.

And the guy running the show, Joe LaStella — why that’s a particularly Italian-sounding name — coincidence?

Check this out: the Italian Gun Grease video has been pulled “due to a copyright claim by Modern Spartan Systems.”

Looks like there’s been some fallout in the world of “Guido Gear” — their words, not mine, don’t start looking for a high to horse on.

The Romans lifted pretty heavily from Greek culture. Maybe there’s something parallel here with Italian Gun Grease and Modern Spartan Systems.

All that aside, this is impressive, even if the testing was somewhat limited. Gun oil needs to retain these properties in more adverse, universally hotter, harsher environments. If an oil evaporates or otherwise behaves inconsistently compared to the lab results when it’s used in actual firearms, it’s worthless. But so far, this is very promising.

Want to try it yourself? Check out Modern Spartan Systems for more.

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