Photo of the Day: 'Service Rifles of the World'

Service Rifles of the World

Not a hundred percent accurate but interesting nevertheless. I dig the color-coding, it does a decent job of showing shared relationships. Also Russia is correctly bright-ass red.

This project was put together by Redditor chrome1453.

I basically just organized it so same/similar guns are the same color. That being said, don’t get all over my nuts about how “Hurr derr tha RK95 isn’t an AK47 because the sights r hurbitty derbutty derr…” I know, but its an AK pattern gun. There’s other examples that follow that same convention.

  • The:
    • AK47
    • AKM
    • AK63 (Hungary)
    • BD08 (Bangladesh)
    • M21 (Serbia)
    • RK95 (Finland)
    • TYPE 56 (Cambodia, Laos)
    • TYPE 81 (Algeria)

    are all AK-47s.

  • The:
    • AK74
    • PA MD 86 (Romania)
    • TYPE 88 (DPRK)
    • 96 Beryl (Poland)

    are all AK74s.

  • The M96 (Denmark) is an M4.
  • The Imbel MD-2 (Brazil) is an FAL.
  • The AK4 (Estonia) is a G3.
  • The FX-05 (Mexico) is a G36 clone.
  • The AK5 (Sweden) is a modified FNC.
  • The R4 (South Africa) is a Galil.
  • The K11 (UAE) is this thing.
  • The Pindad SS2 (Indonesia) is this.
  • The Emerk (Burma) is this.
  • The INSAS (India) is this.

It may not be completely accurate, and it is missing a couple of countries (you know what you did, Montenegro) but that doesn’t make it less impressive.

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