Jay Leno takes a spin in Batman’s Tumbler (VIDEO)

Jay Leno, the man with a garage full of some of the most incredible cars ever created, had the chance to park under his roof the actual Batmobile from Batman Begins, or as it’s more correctly called, the Tumbler.

This isn’t some shell that gets towed behind a lead car to create the effect of some incredible vehicle. No. This is a working, fully functional beast straight from the mind of Christopher Nolan himself, albeit, without the missiles and such.

Climbing into the Tumbler is exactly that, climbing. There are no traditional doors and the movements are reminiscent to entering a tank. Once inside, it becomes immediately evident the details were not lost on the parts the camera would not see. Attention to detail would be an understatement.

Driving on the open road, Leno said the ride is actually pretty smooth. So if you’re a huge Batman fan and have about $250,000 to drop, you too could own your very own Tumbler and recreate the chase scenes from the Batman Trilogy.


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