Lost military submarine surfaces in the streets of Milan, investigators baffled (VIDEO)

Alright, so it’s not a real submarine. But Europ Assistance IT, an insurance group based in Italy, made sure everybody thought it was in an elaborate publicity stunt to promote the firm’s “Protect Your Life” campaign.

The streets of Milan were abuzz yesterday morning with frantic bystanders when a submarine apparently burst through the pavement.

Crushed concrete lay stacked around the sub, and a parked car was seemingly caught in the wreckage. Firefighters rushed to the scene, confused and looking on at the spectacle with disbelief as sailors clambered down the submarine’s tower.

The ambitious insurance company stumped first responders and hundreds of bystanders, though no comment was made on whether the company will suffer any legal recourse for the stunt.


An insurance company pulled an elaborate prank on the people of Milan when the built a prop that looked like a submarine had surfaced through the streets.


A Smart Car was made to look like it was trapped in the wreckage.


A crew member of the submarine climbs down the tower.


Bystanders looked on in awe and confusion.

[Daily Mail]

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